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Military Ribbons

We carry a full line of military ribbons for the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps along with the appropriate ribbon mounts, attachments, and unit citations. Parade Store takes pride in honoring the service of our veterans. Please share that respect and do not order military medals or ribbons unless you have earned the right to wear them.

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Hold-Tight Pin Keepers
Get a grip...on your insignia and pins!
Klench Fasteners
These unique fasteners substitute for military butterfly clutches with the strongest, longest, smoothest hold of any product on the market. Wear with insignia, name tags, and ribbon bars.
MCJROTC Award Ribbons
Regulation MCJROTC ribbon bars.
Mega Ribbon Kits
Do-it-yourself ribbon mounts.
Military Clutches
Military butterfly brass clutch.
Plastic Ribbon Mounts: 3 in a row
All ribbon holders are center mount and include pins and clutches.
Ribbon Attachments
Identify your team, your unit, or your skill with these ribbon attachments.
Ribbon Attachments: Bronze, Silver, or Gold
Stars, Oak Leaf Clusters, knots, and clasps.
Ribbon Attachments: Numerals
Issued in place of a decoration for second and succeeding awards of the Air Medal and the Humanitarian Service Medal.
Ribbon Bar Accessories: Right Staggered Ribbon Mount for Left Lapel
These metal multiple-ribbon mounts are staggered to fit around a lapel, so all ribbon awards will show.
Ribbon Bar Accessories: Standard Metal Multiple-Ribbon Mount
Metal multiple-ribbon mount.
Ribbon Bar Mounts
Metal mounts and clutches for 1, 2, or 3 ribbons.
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